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Vaulting Pole

  • UCS Spirit Vaulting Pole
    UCS Spirit is the proud manufacturer of the #1 vaulting pole in the world. Since it’s first appearance in competition, it won the NCAA Championships in June of 1987.

    From the design to manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished goods, from the first jump to the World Record- UCS/Spirit Vaulting poles have broken multiple world records and Olympic medals in the World, including Olymic gold medals in London 2012.

    Jennifer Stuczynski (Right, Top)
    • The 1st American woman to vault 16'
    • 6-time American Record Holder
    • 8-time National Champion
    • Indoor World Championship Silver Medalist, Valencia 2008
    • Olympic Silver Medalist, Beijing 2008

  • Gill Pole
    Gill Athletic, Inc is an American Manufacture in making Sporting Goods of Track & Field. Vaulting Pole is one of the products.
    Derek Miles (Right, Bottom)
    • 2 times Olympians 2004 & 2008
    • 2008 Beijing Olympic Trials Champion

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