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Rough-Tex Non-Slip Diving Platform Surface

Manufactured in the United States, “Rough-Tex”, is the most preferred Non-Skid Diving Platform Surface Mat used all over the world today, including 2004 Athens Olympic Games, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (Water Cube), 2009 East Asian (Laos) Games, 2009 World University Games (Belgrade), 2008 World University Games (Thailand), 2010 Asian Games (Guangzhou) China, etc.

"Rough-Tex" is available in two colors: Black and Tan. Rough-Tex is made of an industrial rubber compound which provides high-strength and flexibility. The nylon backing is both stretch & moisture resistant.

The 2-Ply Black Rough-Tex has a thickness of 6.7 mm. Comparing with the two colors, black color is more comfortable to the eyes of coaches and divers especially under the bright sunshine outdoors, or the bright lights of a world class indoor pools. Thus the 2-Ply Black color Rough-Tex is now widely used in the world today.


  • Must have a good clean surface with no paint
  • Scuff the surface of the concrete before gluing to gain extra surface area
  • Use the most strong Adhesive such as Mondo PU105, or local most strong glue

Allied International Resources (USA) is the Sole Dealer of "Rough-Tex" Non-Skid Diving Platform Surface Mat in China (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) and all countries in and around Asia.

If you have any questions and requirement, please feel free to contact us any time.

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